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Research & Development

Zumbro River Brand, Inc. has a unique and diverse team of technical experts to provide numerous approaches to problem solving. Our staff has experience in extrusion, agglomeration and blending.

  • Product Development
  • Process Development
  • Creation of Prototypes
  • Initial Cost Calculations
  • Consumer Test Production

1. ZRB specializes in High-Protein Snacks & Cereals: ZRB’s R&D department maintains an extensive library of both popular & creative seasoning blends. These include Mediterranean, Cheddar Habañero, Mild Jalapeño Cheddar, Smokey BBQ, Indian Tikka Masala, Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, and Sofrito. Sweet Flavors include: Caramel, Honey Nut, Chocolate, Buttery Cinnamon, and Dulce de Leche.

2. Product Development. ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW NUTRITION FACTS LABELING RULES? These new regulations took effect July 26th, 2016, with many significant changes; such as serving size, added sugar, fiber types, and Nutrition Facts box format! Zumbro River Brand R&D can help you formulate to minimize negative impact and comply with the many new rules.

We have developed products which are unique to our industry for customer specific uses. We work confidentially with customers to develop a vast array of products to fit their special needs.

ZRB has the experience and capabilities to take your product from development to reality.

Disclaimer: Nutrition data provided by Zumbro River Brand, Inc. are calculated based upon data from ingredient suppliers and/or the USDA Food Composition Database, not chemical analysis of the finished product. Processing-induced changes, if any, are not accounted for when using ingredient nutritional data.



Zumbro River Brand, Inc. utilizes Continuous-Batch Agglomeration Technology, to make ingredients or finished food products less dense, more free-flowing, and easily dispersible in liquids.



Zumbro River Brand, Inc. offers quality custom Twin Screw Extrusion Technology to produce a variety of extruded products to meet your specifications. ZRB extruded samples such as whey crisps, cocoa soy...




Our Promise

Dedicated to providing an environment that promotes growth,
goodwill and success for all parties involved."
- Zumbro River Brand Inc.