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Albert Lea, MN, July 25, 2018
ZRB Recognized As A Top Workplace! 

ZRB has been recognized as a Top Workplace! meeting Energage’s national standard.

  • Top Workplace! 2018


Albert Lea, MN July 20, 2017
Zumbro River Brand Introduces Z-Crisps® 70% Whey Protein Mini Crisps

  • Z-Crisps® 70% Whey Protein Mini Crisps

Zumbro River Brand, Inc., Albert Lea, MN, has developed a 70% Whey Protein Mini Crisp offering a smaller size than our standard 70% Whey Protein Z-Crisps®. These dairy-based, soy-free, non-GMO, and gluten free crisps address the need for a smaller, lighter, airier crisp for a variety of applications and markets.  

Z-Crisps® Whey Mini Crisps smaller size is about half the size of our standard 70% Whey Crisp. The light, crunchy texture makes the mini crisps ideal for use in solid chocolate and other confections, nutrition bars, and cluster applications. They can also be used as toppings or inclusions to provide protein value with an enjoyable crunch.  This high protein crisp product is made from: Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Tapioca Starch, Calcium Carbonate, and Sunflower Lecithin.   

Moreover, the quality of the protein in these 70% Whey Mini Crisps offers an excellent amino acid profile.  Containing the highest concentration of branched-chain amino acids available from any protein source, whey protein has been shown to promote muscle development. The Z-Crisps® line also includes 70% Whey Protein Crisps Soy-Free, 70% Cocoa Whey Crisps, 50% or 60% Pea Protein Crisps, and numerous other high-protein extrusions.   

Z-Crisps® products are produced under US Patent 6,242,033. In addition to manufacturing high protein Z-crisps®, Zumbro River Brand, Inc. offers contract extrusion and agglomeration services to produce products to customer specifications.


ALBERT LEA, MN – July 6, 2016 —  Zumbro River Brand, Inc. Names Ginny Busch Executive Vice President and Jeff Dahle General Manager Operations

Zumbro River Brand, Inc., manufacturer of Z-crisps® high protein inclusions for nutrition bars, announces the promotion of Ginny Busch to Executive Vice President.   Ginny will lead ZRB’s business operations and will direct the Production, Sales, Quality Assurance, and Purchasing Divisions of the company.

Ginny joined ZRB in 2005 as Vice President of Sales and has been responsible for a decade of impressive year-over-year sales growth for the company.

Prior to joining ZRB, Ginny had extensive food industry sales and management experience at IFP, Inc. as well as management experience in the travel and retail industries.  She holds a BA degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin, Stout.    Zumbro River Brand also promotes Jeff Dahle to General Manager Operations.  Jeff will oversee all production operations at ZRB facilities in Albert Lea and Owatonna, MN.   

Jeff joined ZRB in 2015 as Plant Manager, Albert Lea Facility.  He also brings 16 years of food processing management experience at Vision Processing Technologies/Kerry Foods and at IFP, Inc. to his new role at ZRB. 


April 21, 2016 - Zumbro River Brand achieves Blue Zones Worksite® designation

Designation as a Blue Zones Worksite® recognizes Zumbro River Brand’s active engagement in improving employee health. Company facilities and grounds are smoke free, health screening tests are provided, exercise is actively promoted and healthier food choices are offered.
The Albert Lea Blue Zones Project team enlisted citizens, businesses, schools and churches in an all-out assault on obesity, inactivity and loneliness.
As Ellen Kehr, Organization Lead of the Blue Zones Project observes that “Business leaders and public entities are in a powerful position to dramatically improve employees’ well-being.

Zumbro River Brand Inc. has been a leader and champion for employee well-being in Albert Lea for many years. They have pioneered best practices in Tobacco Free Worksites, and through their dedicated staff they have provided outreach to all sectors of our community.”

April 18, 2016 - Zumbro River Brand is pleased to announce the promotion of Kris Schaefer to Director of Quality Assurance.

Kris joined ZRB in 2008 as the Quality Assurance Manager and has been involved in policy development, regulatory audits, kosher, SQF and other certifications, customer auditing, ongoing product quality standards, new product coordinator and employee training. Kris brings her talent, training and food industry experience to her new role where she will oversee the company policies and practices to assure conformance to client and industry standards.

April 2016 - Zumbro River Brand, Albert Lea, MN, has added an Organic 60% Pea Protein Crisp to their line of high protein Z-Crisps® .

These organic pea crisps provide a crunchy texture with a mild pea flavor that makes them ideal for use in nutrition bar applications. The crisps are made with a highly purified pea protein, with no use of hexane. The crisps are certified organic, non GMO, gluten free (< 20ppm) and Kosher. Research shows that pea protein has an amino acid content that is close to that of an ideal protein as recommended by FOA/WHO.

April 4th, 2016 - Zumbro River Brand announces SQF 2000 Code – Level 2 certification:

Zumbro River Brand, Inc. is pleased to announce that their Owatonna, MN facility has attained SQF 2000 Code – Level 2 certification. They have joined their sister plant in Albert Lea, which was certified in 2012. ZRB is committed to Food Safety and Quality Systems. Both facilities offer contract extrusion and agglomeration services to meet customer specifications.

November 24, 2015 - Zumbro River Brand Introduces Z-Crisps® 80% Protein Whey Crisps:

Foods with higher protein content are desirable, but they can be challenging to formulate. Zumbro River Brand has developed a whey protein crisp with 80% protein to add to the Z Crisps® line of high protein crisps. The crisps are made using a proprietary extrusion process; US Patent #6,242,033. These crisps have a crunchy texture and a mild dairy flavor. The texture and mild flavor make them ideal for nutrition bars. Research clearly defines that whey protein has beneficial properties in the areas of sports nutrition, satiety, body composition, weight management, and healthy aging. For more information contact gbusch@zumbroriverbrand.com

April 23, 2015 -

ZRB has added another high protein crisp to their Z Crisp® line of ingredients. Using advanced extrusion technology under U.S. Patent NO 6,242,033 ZRB has developed a Cocoa Whey Crisp non GMO 70% . These crisps have a crunchy texture and clean flavor, which makes them an excellent way to add protein to energy and nutritional bars, granolas or cereals.

April 10, 2015 -Zumbro River Brand Introduces Z-crisps® High Protein Crisps for Bars

Z-crisps® with 50% and 70% whey protein levels and 70% rBGH-free whey protein are offered. Z-crisps® with 60% pea protein allow manufacturers to meet a growing demand for alternative plant proteins. Both Whey and Pea Protein Z-Crisps® are gluten-free (<20 ppm), non-GMO and kosher. Z-crisps® are manufactured by Zumbro River Brand’s patented extrusion process (US #6,242,033) to produce a high protein nugget with a desirable crisp texture.

In addition to offering the Z-crisp® line of crisps, Zumbro River Brand, Inc., specializes in contract manufacturing of twin-screw extruded and batch fluid-bed agglomerated products produced to customer specifications.
Please contact gbusch(at)zumbroriverbrand.com to learn more about the Z-crisp® ingredient line or ZRB's contract services. More...


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