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Zumbro River Brand Introduces Z-crisps® High Protein Crisps for Bars

Z-crisps® with 50% and 70% whey protein levels and 70% rBGH-free whey protein are offered. Z-crisps® with 60% pea protein allow manufacturers to meet a growing demand for alternative plant proteins.

Both Whey and Pea Protein Z-Crisps® are gluten-free (<20 ppm), non-GMO and kosher. Z-crisps® are manufactured by Zumbro River Brand’s patented extrusion process (US #6,242,033) to produce a high protein nugget with a desirable crisp texture.

In addition to offering the Z-crisp® line of crisps, Zumbro River Brand, Inc., specializes in contract manufacturing of twin-screw extruded and batch fluid-bed agglomerated products produced to customer specifications.

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Zumbro River Brand, Inc. utilizes Continuous-Batch Agglomeration Technology, to make ingredients or finished food products less dense, more free-flowing, and easily dispersible in liquids.



Zumbro River Brand, Inc. offers quality custom Twin Screw Extrusion Technology to produce a variety of extruded products to meet your specifications. ZRB extruded samples such as whey crisps, cocoa soy...




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